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Release notes for IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version 8.11.1

Read about the latest features, new device support, and program corrections in the release notes.

Release notes for IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version 8.10.1

Read about the latest features, new device support, and program corrections in the release notes.

TouchGfx – Test Your Ideas with a UI Prototype

Prototyping is a great way to test the look and feel of your project. It also provides you with a proof-of-concept that clearly demonstrates the quality of graphics and animations TouchGFX enables.

Cut Hours of Your Development with TouchGFX Designer

TouchGFX Designer is a GUI builder included as a free tool in TouchGFX. The Designer lets you create the visual appearance of your TouchGFX application in an instant.

SYSGO optimizes Multicore Support and Energy Efficiency in PikeOS 4.2

As embedded applications in the Aerospace, Automotive and other industries do mostly rely on multicore processors today, SYSGO has optimized multicore support in the new PikeOS version 4.2 a hard real-time operating system with hypervisor and separation microkernel 

TouchGFX 4.8.0: Adding New Features and TouchGFX Designer

TouchGFX 4.8.0 has been optimized with our new GUI builder, TouchGFX Designer, along with useful enhancements

that help you create innovative GUI applications with stunning graphics fast and easy.

Wearable UI Reference Design with TouchGFX

The Hunin kit enables easy prototyping in your TouchGFX UI development, speeding up your new wearable product’s time to market.

TouchGFX – New Supported Hardware

To offer you the best possible solutions for your GUI projects, we now expand our selection of TouchGFX supported microcontrollers

The Importance of Integrating User Experience into Your GUI Development

Embedded technology is rapidly evolving and so are user demands. Today, it is almost expected that companies offer products that share the look, feel, and functionality of smart devices. It is almost a standard. Because of this, companies will need to raise the bar in the future to offer products that appeal to their users. This means including the latest tech trends that make products more advanced and valuable while still being easy to use.

Unlock the Potential of Your IoT Device with TouchGFX

At Draupner Graphics, we see this forecast as an incentive to accommodate future user demands. This is seen in the way we enable the creation of innovative IoT applications with high-end graphics on highly cost-effective hardware with TouchGFX.