Avionics Kits for Micrium

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Avionics Validation Kits for
Micrium µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III Certification

Turnkey Validation Suites contain all design, development and test artifacts for both Core software (API’s and Services) and Port software (hardware abstraction layer).  The Avionics Validation Kit contains those same design, development, and test artifacts for the Core in the Validation Suite but allows you to use your staff to do the remaining 10% of the effort necessary to create your Validation Suite. No special tools or software need be purchased or owned beyond those you are already using for your project. Everything else is contained in the Validation Kit.

RTCA DO-178C (or B) / DO-278A▪ EUROCAE ED-12C / ED-109A


The Avionics Validation Kit includes a complete set of standards, design and development artifacts; and the test code and results to demonstrate the version of Micrium’s µC/OS-II or µC/OS-III  that is embedded in your device is appropriate for use at any level, including
Level A.
Kits include a complete set of step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process of documenting your port software and testing it on your target hardware.

Developed as complete and self-contained support for software components used in an embedded Avionics device, VSC’s Avionics targeted Validation Kits provide coverage for all API’s and Services. Sample test code, plans and procedures, and example templates matching the form and function of the core design and development artifacts are provided to assist with finalizing your Validation Suite.

All necessary documentation is included in the kit, including Unit and Integration test code, procedures, plans and test results so that you may verify the results that are pre-packaged in your Validation Kit. You simply build, download and run the test code on your target hardware, collect the results and verify that they match those contained in your kit. For system submission, your system documentation simply references the Validation Kit documents as part of the delivery

Validation Kits are compatible with virtually any processor and toolset that includes an ANSI compatible C compiler.

Additional information is available upon request. To request more info, click: Information Request Page.

Need a custom driver?

VSC offers optional individual customizable portable driver packages with full certification artifacts. 
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As always, if your plans call for complete test independence, Validated Software Corporation can provide fullMicrium Avionics Validation Suites run on your hardware at our test facilities. Also, check out our Side by Side Comparison of Suites vs. Kits.

Avionics Validation Kit Contents

Documents listed below are a representative sample. Actual documents, names, and their content is subject to change.

Software Development Plan
Software Verification Plan
Software Configuration Management Plan
Software Quality Assurance Plan
Software Requirements Standard
Software Design Standard
Software Coding Standard
Software Requirements Document
Software Design Document
Source Code, Build Code, and Test Code
Unit Test Procedures, Plans and Code
Integration Test Procedures, Plans and Code
Object Code Verification Plan
Test Report Templates
Test Coverage Report
Life Cycle Configuration Index
Accomplishment Summary
Complete step-by-step instructions


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