Avionics Suites for Micrium

Avionics Validation Suites for
Micrium µC/OS-II & II Certification

RTCA DO-178C and DO-278A ▪ EUROCAE ED-12C / ED-109A


Validated Software’s Avionics Validation Suites are ready to submit for RTCA DO-178C and DO-278A and EUROCAE ED-12C / ED-109A. Avionics Validation Suites contain everything needed to comply with RTCA DO-178C and DO-278A designs, source code, test code, test results, trace matrices and all related documentation for certification up through DO-178C Level A and DO-278A Level AL1.

The standard Avionics Validation Suite is for Micrium RTOS  and port software (hardware abstraction layer). However, you may have VSC extend your suite to include additional software components. Like the standard suite, your enhanced Avionics Validation Suite is delivered as a single, convenient, modular, and easy to integrate package.

Developed as a complete and self-contained certification package for the RTOS components used in an embedded Avionics device, VSC’s Avionics Validation Suites provide full coverage for all of the APIs and services provided by RTOSs. Delivered running and tested on your target hardware, each Avionics Validation Suite is complete and ready for submission as delivered; for system submission, the system documentation simply references the Validation Suite as part of the delivery.

Test Coverage

  • 100% Feature/Function coverage
  • 100% Statement coverage
  • 100% Decision coverage
  • 100% MCDC    

Validated Software’s Avionics Validation Suites are FAA / EASA / TC certifiable and have been used for devices at all levels including Levels A and AL1.

Additional information is available upon request. To request more info, click: Information Request Page.

Avionics Validation Suites are also available as ready to use kits. For more information click: Avionics Validation Kits.  Also, check out our Side by Side Comparison of Suites vs. Kits.

Need a custom driver?

VSC offers optional individual customizable portable driver packages with full certification artifacts. 
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Avionics Validation Suite Contents

Documents listed below are a representative sample. Actual documents, names, and their content is subject to change.

Plan for Software Aspects of Certification
Software Configuration Management Plan
Software Development Plan
Software Quality Assurance Plan
Software Verification Plan
Product Source Code w/conditional test code
Software Requirements Document
Software Design Document*
Integration Test Plans and Code
Integration Test Source
Unit Test Plans and Code
Unit Test scripts
Assembly Language Coding Standard
C Language Coding Standard
Software Design Standard
Software Requirements Standard
Code Review Procedure
Document Review Procedure
Document Review Sheets
Code Review Sheets
Requisite Pro database and reports
Target Software Requirements Document
Target Software Design Document*
Target Source Code w/conditional test code
Target Integration Test Source
Integration Test Plans and Code
Integration Test Procedures
Integration Test Report
Integration Test Project Files
Target Software Unit Test Plans
Target Unit Test scripts
Unit Test Tool Libraries ported to target
Unit Test Project Files
Target Unit Test Procedures
Target Unit Test Reports
Software Users Guide
Software Correlation Matrix/Test Coverage Report
Software Life Cycle Environment Configuration Index/Software Configuration Index
Software Accomplishment Summary
Document Review Sheets
Code Review Sheets
Process Review Checklists and Audit Reports
Requisite Pro database and reports
Lint Test, Unit Test & Integration Test Results
Lint static analysis configuration files
Compiler Tool Qualification Plan**
Cantata Tool Qualification Plan**

*Level D Validation Suites do not include Design Document, low level requirements or unit test artifacts.

**Level A, AL1 Optional – Additional Cost.

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