Abatron BDI3000 – Jtag emulator for Linux debugging for ARM , PowerPC, Mips

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 Abatron – BDI3000

The BDI3000 is leading development tool for Embedded Linux kernel debugging as well as Loadable Kernel Module (LKM) debugging.
The BDI3000 run firmware called bdiGDB that is implementation of GDBSERVER running on the BDI3000 hardware.
Nothing is running on HOST PC! All communication is made directly from GDB to the BDI3000 hardware where the bdiGDB firmware
interpret the commands to JTAG interface that use to control and communicate with the target.
This mechanism developed by Abatron is proven stable solution for GDB debuggers for more than years.

The bdiGDB firmware supports Embedded Linux kernel / Android debugging also when MMU is enabled.
It use Ethernet interface so you get a very fast code download speed and flexibility,
No target communication channel (e.g. serial line) is wasted for debugging purposes.More than that the BDI3000 can function as serial to Ethernet bridge where serial console message are routed to telnet session in any port you choose.This will let you have full remote access and view of your target.

HOST (PC running GDB) to BDI hardware communication are the standard GDB remote protocol.
Any debugger based on GDB can communicate with the BDI3000.
BDI3000 also have an additional Telnet interface (CLI) that is use for special debug tasks.
It’s low level interface give capabilities like force a hardware reset, program flash memory, etc.
As well as viewing/testing memory access, register modification and more helpful features for board bring-up.

It Supports Linux Kernel Debugging with any GDB based IDE,  offers high performance, great flexibility and excellent product quality.Features 
  •  JTAG debug support for PowerPC & Power Architecture® technology,
    ARM, XScale, MIPS32/64
  • BDM debug support for ColdFire, MPC5xx/MPC8xx
  • Host communication via Ethernet (10/100) and RS232 *)
  • Program download speed up to 1500 Kbytes/s
  • BDM/JTAG clock up to 32 MHz
  • Supports target system voltages from 1.2 – 5 V
  • Same hardware for all supported targets and debuggers
  • Flash memory on-board programming
  • Easy connection to the target system
  • Robust EMC-optimized design
  • Excellent price-performance payoff



*) RS232 support for bdiPro and bdiAccess only


Hardware Specification

RS232 host interface, max baudrate115 Kbaud
Network Interface10/100 BASE-T
BDM clock (max.)32 MHz
JTAG clock (max.)32 MHz
Supported target voltages1.2 – 5 V
Operating temperature+5°C… +60°C
Storage temperature-20°C… +65°C
Relative Humidity (non-condensing)< 90% rF
Size (without cables)160 x 85 x 35 mm
Electromagnetic compatibilityCE compliant
Restriction of Hazardous SubstancesRoHS 2002/95/EC compliant
Hardware Warranty3 Years

Max. Download Rates bdiGDB via Telnet/TFTP

Target CPUJTAG ClockKbytes/s
ARM1132 MHz1000
XScale32 MHz1600
PPC440EP32 MHz600
MPC85516 MHz950
MPC555411 MHz (Nexus)600
MPC828032 MHz170
MPC834932 MHz1300
MPC854832 MHz1300
ColdFire32 MHz1100
MIPS3232 MHz600

Programming Speed with Software bdiPro

Target CPUFlashJTAG ClockKbytes/s
MPC8349E MDSI28F640J3 / 16-bit32 MHz124
EVKIT 405EPAM29LV160DB / 16-bit32 MHz180
M5329EVBI28F160C3 / 16-bit16 MHz110
PXA250I28F128J3 / 32-bit32 MHz220
ARM7TDMISST39VF400 / 16-bit32 MHz130
MPC8560ADSI28F640J3 / 32-bit32 MHz190
MPC8260FADSLH28F016 / 32-bit32 MHz110
DB1100(MIPS32)AM29LV640MH/L / 32-bit32 MHz104


Description BDI3000


Excellent Performance

 The BDI3000 communicates with the target system with up to 32 Mbit/s and allows very fast program download rates of up to 1500 Kbytes/s.


Advanced Hardware Technology

As a result of consistent implementation of latest technology, the BDI3000 is optimally prepared for further enhancements. The firmware and the programmable logic of the BDI3000 can be updated by the user with a simple configuration program. The BDI3000 supportstarget systems voltages from 1.2 Volts to 5.0 Volts.

Target Side
Host Side
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