iSYSTEM iC2000 PowerEmulator – In-Circuit Emulator – 8051, 80186, 80196…

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C2000 PowerEmulator

The iC2000 PowerEmulator is a universal and modular 8 and 16-bit in-circuit emulator connecting to the target through a CPU family specific PowerPOD (Processor Oriented Device) replacing the original target processor or microcontroller. An assortment of target adapters is available connecting the POD to the specific target.

All iSYSTEM tools are driven with winIDEA/testIDEA, an integrated development environment from iSYSTEM, running on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 platforms.


  • 1MB overlay memory
  • 3.3V and 5V voltage support
  • Real-time access (depending on the CPU family)
  • Standard assembler and source level debugging
  • Access Breakpoints
  • Trace (32k frames)
  • Execution coverage
  • Profiler
  • Waveform generator
  • AUX inputs
  • LPT, USB and Ethernet communication


winIDEA is iSYSTEM’s Integrated Development Environment, which contains all necessary tools for embedded software development and test. iSYSTEM’s test API and GUI testIDEA is integrated in winIDEA. All iSYSTEM blue boxes are driven by winIDEA. It consists of a project manager, multi-file C/C++ source editor, build manager and high level source debugger. The build manager can be configured to support any third party command line driven compiler toolset. winIDEA offers workgroup support for projects where several developers share the same project code. Script language support is build in to facilitate automation and testing. Read more about iSYSTEM’s winIDEA feature set within the winIDEA online help.

  • Standard debug features (Assembler and C/C++ high-level debugger, Memory, SFRs, Variable and Watch window, MMU and cache inspectors…)
  • Editor, project and build manager
  • Real-time analyzer (Trace, Performance Analysis, Code Coverage)   winIDEA IDE
  • Multi-core debugging
  • Operating systems support
  • Version control system support
  • Built-in Python scripting
  • Open API to access winIDEA functionality from 3rd party or custom applications
  • Installation includes GNU compilers for ARM, Power Architecture
  • Runs on Windows 8 / 7/ Vista / XP / 2000 platforms
  • And more …

Eclipse IDE supporting iSYSTEM tools is also available.

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