iSYSTEM iC5000 On-chip Analyzer for ARM / Cortex and others…

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The iC5000 is a single hardware platform supporting many different processors and microcontrollers. From the debug technology perspective, it supports:

  • On-chip debug emulation including on-chip trace buffers through architecture specific cable adapters
  • On-chip debug emulation including Nexus/ETM support or other message based trace protocols through architecture specific cable adapters

The tool is simply adjusted for a specific MCU via a low cost architecture specific cable adapter and a software license.

All iSYSTEM tools are driven with winIDEA/testIDEA, an integrated development environment from iSYSTEM, running on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 platforms or Eclipse.

In addition, the iC5000 is also a perfect test tool. The optional I/O module adds the capability to generate, monitor and trace analog as well as digital signals. As such, the iC5000 may also find a perfect fit in HIL (hardware in the loop) setups.

Furthermore, the I/O module allows measuring the power consumption of your target hardware which then winIDEA can show correlated to the executed program with accuracy down to a function level.

Supported CPUs/MCUs

iC5000 Solutions:
On-Chip Debugging

iSYSTEM’s embedded on-chip debug/analyzer, real-time test and measurement tool platform. It is based on programmable hardware where support for different microcontroller families and features is controlled via software. Major benefit is one time investment into hardware while supported debug & advanced test feature set can be extended at any time via software.
On-Chip Debugging + Advanced Trace

On-Chip Analyzer is based on programmable hardware where support for different microcontroller families and features is controlled via software. Major benefit is one time investment into hardware while supported debug & advanced test feature set can be extended at any time via software.

Development and Test Software:

iSYSTEM products provide a link between the embedded system and the host PC by hardware (Blue Box and 3rd party debugger hardware) and software (winIDEA / testIDEA). iSYSTEM’s development and test software drives most functionality such as microcontroller run control, access to MCU resources (memory, registers etc.), real-time execution analysis (trace, profiler, code coverage) and testing.


All iSYSTEM blue boxes are driven by an easy-to-learn, industry standard GUI winIDEA, iSYSTEM’s integrated development environment running on Windows (Visual Studio look and feel) and Eclipse. One Software to drive all important aspects of an embedded software project from development to test. iSYSTEM’s test API and GUI testIDEA is integrated in winIDEA.

winIDEA is iSYSTEM’s Integrated Development Environment, which contains all necessary tools for embedded software development and test. iSYSTEM’s test API and GUI testIDEA is integrated in winIDEA. All iSYSTEM blue boxes are driven by winIDEA. It consists of a project manager, multi-file C/C++ source editor, build manager and high level source debugger. The build manager can be configured to support any third party command line driven compiler toolset. winIDEA offers workgroup support for projects where several developers share the same project code. Script language support is build in to facilitate automation and testing. Read more about iSYSTEM’s winIDEA feature set within the winIDEA online help.

  • Standard debug features (Assembler and C/C++ high-level debugger, Memory, SFRs, Variable and Watch window, MMU and cache inspectors…)
  • Editor, project and build manager
  • Real-time analyzer (Trace, Performance Analysis, Code Coverage)winIDEA IDE
  • Multi-core debugging
  • Operating systems support
  • Version control system support
  • Built-in Python scripting
  • Open API to access winIDEA functionality from 3rd party or custom applications
  • Installation includes GNU compilers for ARM, Power Architecture
  • Runs on Windows 8 / 7/ Vista / XP / 2000 platforms
  • And more …

Eclipse IDE supporting iSYSTEM tools is also available.


winIDEA Open

Cortex-M software development and test platform supporting iSYSTEM’s Cortex Tool iTAG, different 3rd party debug hardware and a large number of evaluation boards. winIDEA Open has no code size limitation, supports only the GNU tool chain, and is provided with no support. Therefore it is recommended to use winIDEA Open for evaluation and non-critical projects only. winIDEA Open comes with testIDEA Standard.



iSYSTEM testIDEA implements a GUI and test automation API to execute test cases and test vectors on a real hardware without code instrumentation. It is integrated in iSYSTEM’s IDE winIDEA. testIDEA GUI simplifies creation and execution of test cases and report generation. All test cases can be reused in scripts. A tight association with Excel allows parameter import and export.


Software Add-ons

winIDEA software add-ons. iSYSTEM offers a set of FREE software add-ons that comes with a winIDEA installation.

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