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Our portable and modular protocol stack is ready for integration into your device.

We provide Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready solutions.

BlueCode+ Dual Mode Protocol Stack

The robust Bluetooth higher layer stack BlueCode+ is one of the leading design tools worldwide for the integration of Bluetooth in embedded platforms. It is designed to be highly portable and supports Bluetooth BR/EDR and Bluetooth low energy functionality. The stack is qualified under the Bluetooth specification v4.2 and supports the enhanced security features introduced with Bluetooth v2.1 including Secure Simple Pairing (SSP).


BlueMod+SR Dual Mode Module

The BlueMod+SR is an extremely small dual mode Bluetooth 4.0 module. For basic rate operations it offers simple Serial Port Profile (SPP) connections with full Secure Simple Pairing. For low energy operations the module offers the Terminal I/O profile. 

Bluetooth Smart Ready Module

BlueMod+SR is the next generation Bluetooth solution for cable replacement applications. Regardless if the application requires high throughput or low energy consumption, BlueMod+SR offers the best of both worlds. The module offers NFC handover as an additional feature. NFC handover enables easy Bluetooth pairing for Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth low energy. Searching for Bluetooth devices over the air is no longer required.

  • Solder-on installation
  • Integrated antenna or antenna pin
  • Bluetooth 4.0 qualified
  • Smart Ready (supports BR/EDR/LE)
  • NFC Handover
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Evaluation Kit “BlueEva+SR” available


The module is a very small form factor dual mode Bluetooth 4.0 module (17x10x2.6mm). Range in line of sight is about 100m.

Dual mode means it supports classic Bluetooth basic rate (BR) and enhanced data rate (EDR) operations as well as Bluetooth low energy (LE). Integration is easy and cost-effective thus reducing time to market and overall development cost of new products.

For basic rate operations it offers simple Serial Port Profile (SPP) connections with full Secure Simple Pairing. The module allows multiplexing solutions with two parallel connections. For basic rate and enhanced data rate the average net transmission speed is about 300 kbit/s.

For low energy operations the module offers the Terminal I/O profile. Terminal I/O allows transparent UART data and GPIO state transfer in low energy mode similar to SPP in basic rate mode. For low energy transmission with Terminal I/O the average transmission speed is about 50 kbit/s. In addtion to that the module comes with a generic GATT interface. This interface allows the use of any standard Bluetooth low energy profile.

It is also possible to tune the RF power to perfectly fit the application (max RF power is +7dbm).

The command interface is based on the well-known AT Command Set.

NFC Handover

From firmware version 1.502 on the BlueMod+SR is able to read and write its Bluetooth address to a dynamic NFC tag which can be used for Bluetooth pairing. The NFC Forum Type 2 compliant NFC tag NT3H1101 by NXP is supported. The NFC tag is connected to the BlueMod+SR via the I²C interface. The field detection function on the tag can be used to wake up the BlueMod+SR from standby and to initiate the Bluetooth communication.

Stollmann provides an NFC Utility App for Android devices for evaluating the NFC handover feature. The app can declare two intent filters for the NDEF data on the NFC tag, one for BR/EDR and one for Bluetooth low energy handover.

Technical Specifications

LengthxWidthxHeight 17 x 10 x 2.6 mm
Range (LOS) Up to 100 m
RF-power (max) -23 to +7 dBm (software adjustable)
UART 9600 bps – 921600 bps (asynchronous)
Other interfaces I²C, SPI
GPIOs 11
Temperature range -30° … +85°C
Qualification Bluetooth 4.0, CE, FCC, IC, KCC, MIC
Profiles SPP, GATT, Terminal I/O
Antenna internal ceramic
Antenna external pin
Power supply 2.5V to 3.6V
Power consumption: transmission 15-27 mA (depending on connection parameter)
Power consumption: idle SPP. 0.75 mA / Terminal I/O: 0.25 mA
Power consumption: deep sleep 0.15 mA
Intergration LGA
Supported NFC tags NXP NT3H1101, NT3H1201


Bluetooth 2.0 (BR/EDR)

BlueCluster+ Network Software

The network protocol for Bluetooth enables the automatic networking of up to 250 modules. It runs on standard Bluetooth modules such as our Class 1 module “BlueMod+C11/G2”. The network solution BlueCluster+ is characterized through an easy management and high data throughput. The access of the network will take place through a standard Bluetooth device, e.g. a notebook. This makes it possible to have Bluetooth networks spanning several kilometres.

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