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What can we offer you?

We have extended our spectrum and can offer you a complete and consistent selection of development tools, consultation, support, CAN accessories as well as the complete solution of your specific problem. The development, maintenance and the selling of CANopen devices are supported by port by a record of tools (see picture). 


Practical tools facilitate the work.

The developers profit from the CANopen Design Tool with which they create the object directory. This flows into the application code and also indirectly into the CANopen library itself. After software integration the device can be tested with the commissioning tool CANopen Device Monitor and the message transfer can be recorded and interpreted with the CAN telegram analyser CAN-REport. The commissioning tool again uses the EDS file generated, in order to be able to represent all device parameters. The maintenance engineer likewise can use the CANopen Device Monitor and CAN-REport, in order to localize errors in network operation. Additionally the tools are interesting for the sales engineer. He is able to offer a broader range of products around his CANopen devices, that facilitate commissioning and error detection in CAN networks. Furthermore he will always have up-to-date documentation of the device available in a consistent EDS file.

CANopen Source Code Library

Beginning with the version 2.0 of the CANopen library of port in 1998, several CAN networks (CAN lines) can be addressed. Thus it is possible to use more than one CAN line in platforms without operating systems (OS) as well as in systems with single-tasking OS or multi-tasking OS with only insufficient resource protection mechanisms. Thus gateways can be created between networks, whereby functionality (Master/Slave) can be different for each line.
We now have a lot of additional software support for different kinds of device profiles or frameworks defined by CiA. Some of these are:

  • CiA-302-2 Network management – flying master applications
  • CiA-304 Framework for safety-relevant communication
  • CiA-305 Layer setting services (LSS) and protocols
  • CiA-306-6 CANopen Network redundancy
  • CiA-401 Profile for I/O devices – Generic I/O modules
  • CiA-402 Device profile for drives and motion control
ANSI-C CANopen Library

Universal ANSI-C conform and hardware independent software library for the CANopen higher layer CAN protocol. Supports development of devices. It is conform to the standard CiA-301 V4.2 and CiA-302.  


CAN Analyzer CANREport

A powerful CAN message and protocol analyzer/recorder useable different CAN-interfaces. The development and service tool aids an engineer to observe, record and analyse a communication protocol on CAN bus at a logical level.

The analyzer distinguishes itself by its programability and the separation between hardware and user interface.

The CAN-Analyzer CAN-REport is an efficient and versatile tool for analysis and commissioning of CAN-based networks according CAN 2.0A and 2.0B, like CANopen and DeviceNet.

The built-in scripting capability allows to use it universally at development and test of CAN devices besides the normal possibilities of displaying the received CAN messages. It is especially useful in the field of industrial CAN networking.

The separation of hardware-interface (CAN access) and visualization software allows the usage in TCP/IP networks.


Version of our CANopen Library is V4.5. An Update (05/2015) version 4.5.p4 is also available. 


ANSI-C CANopen Driver Package

The CANopen Driver Packages are the driver modules of the CANopen Library by port. The Driver Packages are the keys for the usage of the target system independent protocol library. They are designed for both target systems with and without operation systems.

CANopen Evaluation Software

With using the evaluation version of the CANopen communication software it is possible to check and decide if this communication technology is usable for a certain device design in a very short time.

CANopen Modules and Profiles

ANSI-C software modules to extend the CANopen Library functionality by special functions and other CiA profiles.

CANopen Mini Bootloader PAULUS

ANSI-C source code of an CANopen boot loader useful for easy In-System-Programming and firmware updates (not only for CANopen devices)

J1939 Protocol Stack

With the J1939server of port it is possible to get access to SAE J1939 network, maybe for diagnosis purposes. Therefore the provides a TCP/IP interface, which the connected client uses to exchange messages with other ECUs in the network. Instead the TCP/IP interface, the usage of the command line is possible too.

 The demo version of J1939server for can4linux is available.

Device and Hardware Solutions

port offers a wide range of devices and hardware solutions for different applications.

  • CAN – USB Interfaces
  • CAN – PCI / PCI Express
  • CAN / CANopen Gateways
  • ISA

For many customers, we develop and manufacture customized devices – and OEM solutions.

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