Internet Communication – SEVENSTAX Web-Services

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SEVENSTAX Web-Services

SEVENSTAX Webservices is an implementation of a client for transfer of XML based languages (e.g. SOAP) via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The implementation is designed to specifically suit requirements of embedded systems.

The following components are included:

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) according to RFC 1945
  • XML streaming parser and generator
    • Using multiple name spaces
    • XML templates for the generator
  • Extensive connection management
    • Server registration, data exchange
    • Connect management and time synchronization
      • Interval-controlled, interval 1: after minutes, hours, days
      • Interval-controlled, interval 2: time domain masked for weekdays and days of the month
      • Exchange of connection intervals with the server
      • Event-controlled connection
    • Intelligent error management with monitoring of events on all protocol layers
    • Dial-in management if a modem is used (e.g. GPRS/UMTS/LTE)
    • Choice of connection route if SEVENSTAX Multidevice is used


  • In-house development for embedded system
  • Minimal RAM/ROM usage
  • Zero-Copy
  • Simple API functions
  • ANSI-C source code
  • Works with and without RTOS
  • No “GPL contamination”
  • No royalties
  • MISRA checked

What you get

  • Well documented source code
  • User Manual
  • Software license

System Requirements

  • 32-bit timer/counter, accuracy: 1ms
  • ROM: inquire
  • RAM: inquire

License models

  • Project license
  • CPU license
  • Company license
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