Supported Hardware

To get TouchGFX running on your custom board, you need to port TouchGFX’ hardware abstraction layer (HAL) to it. You can find a detailed description of this process in the documentation.

When buying a TouchGFX license, you receive a driver package containing helpful components to use in your porting process. There are several benefits to choosing a hardware platform that includes components that are directly supported, or similar to the supported hardware setups.

One of these benefits is the driver package, which helps the process of porting your application to the specific board, making it much faster. Below, you see a list of existing supported hardware.


nxp LPC1788 LPC1853 LPC1857 LPC4088 LPC4353 LPC4357
st STM32F429
freescale K70
renesas RX600 under development
silicon labs EFM32 Giant Gecko