Security communication protocol stacks

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Protocol Analyzers & Sniffers

Secure Authentication – SSH SDK

Replace TCP/IP command line interfaces like telnet. Add our embedded SSH SDK for secure password or certificate authentication login, and encrypted communications. Add SCP secure copy for file transfers.

Secure Cloud Connection – Cloud Device Kit

Connect to the cloud with our IoT Cloud Device Kit for scalable data synchronization. Scale across the enterprise to replicate data across many devices. Add the uFile encrypted embedded file system to keep the file contents safe even if the removable media or device itself is lost or stolen.

Data Encryption – VPN IPsec/IKEv2 SDK

Encrypt your network using our embedded VPN SDK for embedded IKEv1, IKEv2, and IPsec. IPsec secures all network traffic and avoids redesign of existing mobile or fixed device applications. uVPN includes an optional firewall to filter network packets, block port scans and remote hacking.

Software and Field Updates – uLoad XL+

Plan for software lifecycle and field updates using the uLoad SDK. Files encrypted on USB flash drive are safe even if the media is lost or stolen. Installed images are authenticated and verified, preventing malware from being installed on a device. Multiple images are managed for field updates, including both rollback and factory versions. Managed devices increase safety and reliability, save on returns and support costs, and block counterfeiting and over-production.

Cypherbridge Products

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Embedded SSL SDK SSH SDK IoT Cloud Device Kit VPN SDK Secure Boot Loader


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