ThreadX for ARC

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ThreadX for ARCtangent Microprocessors


  • Complete ARCtangent support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • No Royalties
  • Complete ANSI C source code
  • Easy to use and powerful services
  • Responsive Technical Support
  • Unlimited Threads, Queues, Event Flags, Timers, Semaphores, Mutexes, Block Pools, and Byte Pools
  • Flexible memory usage
  • Timeout available on all thread suspension
  • Advanced preemption-threshold technique
  • Low-overhead Application Timers
  • Size scales automatically
  • picokernel architecture for size and speed
  • Small footprint (Instruction area size: 4-25K)
  • Fast Execution (100MHz, 0 wait-states, ARC)


ThreadX performance and code size specifications for ARC cores

Improve Your ARCtangent Development

Let our extensive experience with the ARCtangent family of microprocessors help your product development. ThreadX, our high-performance real-time kernel, helps improve your product’s quality and its time-to-market. In addition, using ThreadX makes it easier to enhance your product in the future.

ARC Optimizations

ThreadX optimizes context switching on the ARCtangent processor. When context switching occurs inside of a ThreadX service call, only the registers preserved across function calls are saved as part of the thread’s context, i.e. registers r13-r26, fp, and blink.

A similar technique is used in interrupt handling. On the front end of interrupt service routines, only the compiler’s scratch registers are saved initially (registers r0-r12). The full register set is saved only if thread preemption is required.

Fast Level2 Interrupt Response

ARCtangent Level2 interrupts are left completely enabled throughout ThreadX processing, resulting in the fastest possible response.

ARC’s MetaWare Compiler Support

ThreadX is completely compatible with the advanced ARC MetaWare development tools from ARC International. You are up and running right out of the box!

ARC International is a leading designer and developer of customizable, high-performance microprocessors and related intellectual property solutions for integrating microprocessors with embedded systems applications using ThreadX, which is the leading RTOS for the ARCtangent processor. The ARCtangent processor is an application specific processor or ASP, which can be customized for use in a wide variety of increasingly sophisticated products, including telecommunications, voice and data networking, and consumer electronics products. With ARChitect, an easy to use software program, customers are able to rapidly design and configure the ARCtangent processor. In addition, the ARCtangent processor can be repeatedly tested and verified by the customer at each stage of development, including pre- and post-fabrication, to ensure that the ARCtangent processor is optimized and properly configured to satisfy each customer’s requirements. The ARCtangent processor can be manufactured with any semiconductor silicon process, thereby enabling customers of ARC to select the foundry of their choice. The web site for ARC is located at:

Tools & Stacks:

FileX – FileX is Express Logic’s high-performance MS-DOS compatible file system. It is fully integrated with ThreadX and is available for all supported processors. Like ThreadX, FileX is designed to have a small footprint and high-performance, making it ideal for today’s deeply embedded applications that require file operations.

NetX – NetX is Express Logic’s high-performance implementation of TCP/IP protocol standards. It is fully integrated with ThreadX and is available for all supported processors. NetX has a unique Piconet™ architecture. Combined with a zero-copy API, it makes it a perfect fit for today’s deeply embedded applications that require network connectivity.

USBX – USBX™ is Express Logic’s high-performance USB host and device embedded stack. It is fully integrated with ThreadX and is available for all ThreadX supported processors. Like ThreadX, USBX is designed to have a small footprint and high-performance, making it ideal for today’s deeply embedded applications that require to interface with USB devices or be connected with a Windows/Apple/Linux desktop over USB.

TraceX – TraceX™ is Express Logic’s host-based system event analysis tool. TraceX provides developers with a graphical view of real-time system events. TraceX enables embedded developers to visualize and better understand the behavior of their real-time systems.

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