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TouchGFX – New Supported Hardware



To offer you the best possible solutions for your GUI projects, we are teamed up with the greatest microcontroller manufacturers. As a result of our close collaboration, we now expand our selection of TouchGFX supported microcontrollers.

The demos are available in binary format and full TouchGFX projects will soon be available for the devices and boards listed below. This will help you get started fast and easy with your prototyping and development.

New Supported Hardware

Renesas Synergy S7 – Cortex M4 240 MHz

    -PE-HMI1 (Cortex M4 240 MHz, 7″ 480×800 color LCD display, capacitive touch

    -SK-S7G2 Starter Kit (Cortex M4 240 MHz, 2,4″, 240×240 color LCD display, resistive touch)

STM32H743 – Cortex M7 400 MHz

    -STM32H743 Eval 5.7” 640×480 capacitive touch display.

STM32L496 – Cortex M4 low power 100 MHz

    -STM32L496 Discovery – 1,54” 240×240 capacitive touch display

NXP LPC5460x – Cortex M4 180 MHz