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Unlock the Potential of Your IoT Device with TouchGFX

IoT has been the talk of the town in 2016 and the buzz around it does not seem to fade. Due to connectivity, the way we handle our daily business in private and at work has changed.

The opportunities for practical and efficient IoT enabled devices are many. In fact, according IoT World News, Cisco estimates that over 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020.

At Draupner Graphics, we see this forecast as an incentive to accommodate future user demands. This is seen in the way we enable the creation of innovative IoT applications with high-end graphics on highly cost-effective hardware with TouchGFX.

Create Your IoT Application on Low Resource Hardware

Wearable products such as smart watches, activity trackers, and also battery driven portable devices require IoT enabled hardware. Such hardware consumes minimum power.

The TouchGFX technology makes it possible for you to create state-of-the-art graphics with great performance on highly cost-effective hardware. As a result, you can create an IoT enabled device that meets the high user demands for smooth and intuitive graphics.

TouchGFX’ primary target hardware is Cortex-M microcontrollers. With these small platforms, you do not need to choose an expensive application processor to achieve great performance and outstanding graphics on your next IoT enabled application.

Increase Functionality with TouchGFX

Connectivity across different platforms has equipped IoT devices with a lot of new functionality. Because of this, it is now even more important for devices to have intuitive UIs in order to create user-friendly solutions. TouchGFX is a great tool for creating just that.

TouchGFX lets you create advanced GUIs with high-end graphics on advanced battery driven devices. Such devices interact seamlessly with e.g. mobile clients, cloud services, or even other devices to deliver innovative new services and applications to consumers.

Unlock Your Hardware’s Full Potential

Together with NXP, we created a demo that illustrates how an internet-enabled home sprinkler system can be visualized and controlled through NXP’s resource effective MCU, the LPC54608, the TouchGFX software framework and weather data provided by Bluemix.



“By choosing TouchGFX on the LPC54600 series devices, we believe customers can deploy a truly state-of-the-art GUI in their embedded products at an unprecedented price/performance point. This is illustrated by joint home sprinkler controller concept, an example of the type of compelling HMI possible for IoT application”

Joe Yu, VP, GM Low-Power MPU & LPC MCU Product Line at NXP Semiconductors